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Long story short

Frostwolf Design was officially formed in 2013 as a division of Frostbite Publishing. In its infancy, the web design side of the business was geared toward authors, freelancers, and individuals. Created by Adam Poe in the deserts of Tucson, Arizona, the purpose of the company was to make affordable websites that were just as beautiful and functional as large firms’ multi-thousand dollar sites.

Though the founding duo, Adam and Kayla, have been designing websites, book covers, and graphics for nearly ten years, they have worked hard to turn what was once a freelancing side-gig into a full-time, professional business.

Despite the exponential success of the company, the founders have remained true to their original vision. Since moving the company from Arizona to central Indiana in the summer of 2015, they have never increased the base cost of projects. With Frostwolf Design, clients will never be nickle-and-dimed on their project. What you are quoted at the beginning of a design is law.

As a fellow business owner yourself, you know more than anyone that remaining true to your customer is the most important thing in any industry. We at Frostwolf Design are not only designers, we are business owners, customer support specialists, and real people. We will handle your project with the same care, detail, and passion as you would yourself.

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Our Team

We are proud to present the members of Frostwolf Design.

Jack of All Trades

Founder and owner of Frostwolf Design, Adam has a hand in everything. He designs the website layout, constructs the framework, optimizes the site for SEO and conversion, and much more.

Graphic Design Extraordinaire

Some people watch TV or learn to knit in their spare time. Arynn plays with PhotoShop. You can bet all the graphics you see on a Frostwolf site has had her magical touch!

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